Rigging & Animation

Konami Metal Gear Solid 4 – cyborg oracle facial rig
Facial animation rig incorporating phoneme blendshapes, cluster controls and spline ik-driven vocal cord cables.

Reebok – ZigTech
Modeling & rigging of hockey creatures with stabilized and fully articulated 6-jointed legs

Borderlands game trailer – gun turret rig
Rigged a gun turret with ammo belts driven by dynamic hair system.

FPS Russia – Call of Duty promo
Rigging & Animation of quadrotor drone

Activision teamed up with internet sensation FPS Russia to promote the latest “Call of Duty” game. I rigged and animated the quadrotor drone on most of the spot, except for the shots in front of the hillside. The video went immediately viral, starting with about a million views a day, and currently has over 18 million views. It was hilarious to watch the flame wars ensue in the YouTube comments section, where kids argued to no end trying to debunk if the quadrotor was real or not. Armchair CG experts claimed it was done in “Photoshop”, some even calling the practical elements “CG”. Another project which was done on a very tight schedule & budget, but was an absolute blast to work on.

Clinique – Moisture Surge
3D modeled & hand-animated all water droplets on product. 3D modeled jar & cream.

Clinique – EBM
Animated eggs & camera. 3D modeled products.

Sagawa – Fit Your Business eFashion
3D modeled, rigged & tracked a stretchy green “e” object between an actor’s hands, and animated some jiggle using softbodies.

Horse gallop animation cycle
I’m not a character animator, but can block stuff out for previz.

Xbox – NextGen
Rigged & animated t-rex, praying mantis, jeep and various elements