MEL Scripting

Time Remap Master

I created this script because I needed a more robust time remapping utility than what is built into Maya. This script creates a locator for time remapping either selected objects or the entire scene, based on either the timeslider playback range or a user-input custom frame range. Normally, after you have modified a time remap curve, adjusting the original animation will be unintuitive, since the original animation’s keys in the graph editor will not correspond with the time remap. So I included a switch for viewing and modifying the original animation in non-time-remapped mode, for easier revisions to the original animation after applying the time remap.

Mirror Camera

Mirroring a camera move across an axis requires quite a few steps, since merely grouping a camera setup and applying a negative scale will result in unpredictable viewport and render results due to the negative scale on the shape node. I created this utility on a project where the director was asking to see a lot of shots “flipped”. This script mirrors an animated camera across a user-defined axis, with an option to delete the original camera.