N.A.S.A. – “A Volta” music video
Screenwriter, Supervisor, Lead 3D Artist & Compositor

On this project, I got to do most everything. The director just gave me a few guidelines: “Make it dark, violent, crude, primitive and 8-bit isometric,” then turned me loose to my own imagination. I freestyled about 75% of it, which was creatively liberating. The characters and artwork are based directly on Mexican pop-folk art by The Date Farmers. I wanted to polish and refine it, but such as it is with extremely limited time and resources.

The video received some acclaim and notoriety, with 60+ worldwide festival screenings, including:

Sundance – Official Selection; Holland Animation Film Festival – Grand Prize Winner; Protoclip – Best Technical Skills Winner; USA Film Festival – Finalist, Cannes Independent Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Australian Int’l Film Festival, Moscow Int’l Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, and many more.

Sears – “Pages”

3D shot setup, modeling, texturing, animation, lighting & rendering on the first kitchen sequence of the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher & catalog.

“Premium Rush” feature film – map transitions

3D shot setup, camera & route line animation on map transitions. Also 3D camera tracked live action plates, 3D roto-modeled environment & painted clean plate textures for reprojection during transitional footage.

Comanche Chopper


3D modeled & textured Comanche Chopper from Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper”. Lit, rendered & comped over plate.