Welcome! I am a 3D VFX Generalist working on television & film projects. Open to opportunities in San Francisco or Los Angeles.
Experience: Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, After Effects, Boujou, Zbrush, SpeedTree, PFTrack, Illustrator.
Skills include: Modeling, animation, rigging & technical setup, tracking & matchmoving, particles, texturing & shaders, compositing, MEL scripting.

Recent projects:

“Star Wars – A Galactic Spectacular” (studio: Mousetrappe)
Animator on an exciting Star Wars project at Disneyworld’s Hollywood Studios!
Read about it here

“Odyssey Works – RX Fusion ‘Woodland'” (studio: Fellow)
3D modeled a new golf putter for an Odyssey Works spot.

“Apple iPhone 6 Launch” (studio: Fellow)
3D Modeled & Animated the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for Apple Computer’s product launch.
Visit here and click “view gallery”:

“Mitsubishi Outlander” (studio: Logan)
On this commercial, I was responsible for image-based modeling of the NYC/desert transition, and creation of digital palm trees and landscape vegetation for the snow and coastline transitions.

“Perspectives – Honda Certified Pre-Owned” (studio: Wolf and Crow)
On this piece, I handled animation of the auto parts disassembly and reassembly.

“Casio G-Shock – The Cyborg” (studio: Logan)
For this spot, I animated two shots of the biker’s armor transformation, added some particle fx snow and bubbles, as well as some matchmoving.

“Kia Rondo” (studio: Logan)
On this spot, I had to 3D model the CG toolbox as well as some car elements.

“FPS Russia – Call of Duty promo” (studio: Logan)
Activision teamed up with internet sensation FPS Russia to promote the latest “Call of Duty” game. I rigged and animated the quadrotor drone on most of the spot, except for the shots in front of the hillside. The video went immediately viral, starting with about a million views a day, and currently has over 23 million views. It was hilarious to watch the flame wars ensue in the YouTube comments section, where kids argued to no end trying to debunk if the quadrotor was real or not. Armchair CG experts claimed it was done in “Photoshop”, some even calling the practical elements “CG”. Another project which was done on a very tight schedule & budget, but was an absolute blast to work on.

“Callaway – Speedregime” (studio: Fellow)
For this commercial, I worked on animation of the balls and camera, as well as modeled the endtag Callaway logo.

“Mophie – Juice Pack Helium” (studio: Wolf and Crow)
For this spot, I had to do some basic animation of the mechanisms.